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Globe Valve
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Specification of

Globe Valve

Globe valve is a valve that the system closes down, usually part (or part) to close it is called with disk, where this disk will move up and down to close the flow dalan globe valve.


Nom. Pressure Materials:
En-Jl 1040 Pn 16
En-Js 1049 Pn 16, 25
1.0619 + N Pn 25, 40
1.0460 Pn 25, 40
1.4408 Pn 16, 25, 40


Industry, Flue Gas Powerstations, Purification Plant, Processing Technology, Gas Supply, Vapour Facilities, Recycling Facilities, Vacuum Facilities, Hot Water, Heating Technology, District Heating, Thermal Oil Applications, General Plant Manufact

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